“I just thought it’d be nice to have something sweet”

“The airplanes would take off right outside, and my window would shake” 

We walked along Walnut St. “Can I hold your hand?” We smelled incense and peeped in the windows of fancy jewelry stores and hair salons. We kissed – we breathed each other in – the tenderest and most twinkling kisses I have ever experienced. We made up rhyming songs, and laughed, and his hand played on my neck and hair. “I never drink coffee – I feel like I’m high – In a good way.” When the laughter died down, he crossed his eyes, or stuck out his tongue.  He had a frankness in his motives and a humor in his nonverbals that created organic ease and an atmosphere of relaxed and focused play. We stood together for a long moment, grounded, whimsical, confident.

– Non-replicable moments of magic. –


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