Presence and Absence Coincide in Song


as if to speak

“bring something sweet”

for you to crush beneath your heel

as if in searching I could find

Your Face

in every long draught

I can speak as

can you see –

but to breath is

full as I can be


Arching Swaths of Majesty

People like ripples! Like waves!! People as titillating shots of color across the wilds of substance. Moldeable smudges of thick wind. The reason to be. The reason to run. Felted skeins of wet simile. Ship-weary believers. Threaded points of light. Desirous spools of multicolored years. Limp threats of boil, tongues of endive. A heliotropic phrase book. Wizened dream-state prophesies. A wedge of dark soil. An aching pool of unwashed buck-shot. Tuneable shocks. Twistable You.

I do believe I see stars in your eyes

The trenchant fog has distilled my dreams into reverberant spells, and the sky is teasing my senses with ripe visions of verdure. Do you know what the languid season tastes like? I do. I run well winded and smiling into this night.


The Stripes Become You


Oh! The paralysis of misplaced desire!

Each morning I take the dogs to the forest. The bridges beneath our feet bounce amicably. Waist high grass, vividly fragrant trees, the shrill chatter of magpies, all concomitants of our passage.