Candied Violets

“I told you when I came I was a stranger”


Cyclic Swim



In recent times I have been captive of three infinities.

The first was a scooter ride along the Vietnamese coastline. A mesmeric dutch girl behind me, shivering to the point of convulsion. Sheets of needle-sharp rain in our eyes. Collaborative humor amidst genuine suffering. Slender tunnels so filled with wind and freighters that emerging without injury seemed implausible.

The second, the bus from Podgorica, Albania to Athens, Greece. The Albanian couple, laughing boisterously and smiling unabashedly, feeding me small handfuls of dried fruit. The cumulative weight of the long absence of conversation I could cognize. Euphoric fatigue, inescapable and intimate, pumping through my veins with as much urgency as was present at our first acquaintance.

The third, a moonlit hike in the Jemez Mountains. Cascading hot-springs many miles from civilization beneath a dome of cliff and stars. A complete disrobing. Boots holding our flesh aloft atop a wide road until the moonlight washing our skin turned sharp, and our thirst faded into the forest alive around us. Finding the car adrift in its own glass.


“I just thought it’d be nice to have something sweet”

“The airplanes would take off right outside, and my window would shake” 

We walked along Walnut St. “Can I hold your hand?” We smelled incense and peeped in the windows of fancy jewelry stores and hair salons. We kissed – we breathed each other in – the tenderest and most twinkling kisses I have ever experienced. We made up rhyming songs, and laughed, and his hand played on my neck and hair. “I never drink coffee – I feel like I’m high – In a good way.” When the laughter died down, he crossed his eyes, or stuck out his tongue.  He had a frankness in his motives and a humor in his nonverbals that created organic ease and an atmosphere of relaxed and focused play. We stood together for a long moment, grounded, whimsical, confident.

– Non-replicable moments of magic. –