Bilious We •



I so often wish I could bring you sensations, moments, bits of the fabric of things. Today, on the edge of the forest, white throated deer ate new leaves off of saplings a few feet away, as I, black clothes stark against the bark, picked sap and brought it to my face. These moments, like the rocks, in some way unmoving, smooth, clever. I wish to bring these to you untarnished by translation, and in the same moment I know it to be impossible. But I know that very soon we will be in the same room – and that that is the closest two humans get to seeing, as one, the quality of light in an afternoon.


I do believe I see stars in your eyes

The trenchant fog has distilled my dreams into reverberant spells, and the sky is teasing my senses with ripe visions of verdure. Do you know what the languid season tastes like? I do. I run well winded and smiling into this night.