volcanoes that belch ice


heat, air, flesh, viscera, flannel, poppy seeds, tin foil

Texture must necessarily be described through the invocation of other things. The finger traces along the wood, and the ridges of the wood interact with the whorls of the finger in such a way as to produce nerve reactions in the finger, shooting sense data to the owner of said finger, and allowing him to make inferences about said wood.

The arrival of the texture of a person has great import. When one meets a new person, their image and actions are ingested. Their scent, the curve of their eye, the flex of their voice, and all other impressions, are condensed into the known texture of their being. It is extremely hard to articulate this knowing without returning to the physical comparatives and descriptors upon which the deeper understanding was formed. 

pumice, wrought iron, fern fronds, cardboard, silicone, fig jam, feathers